Hangzhou Cnpair Biotech Co., Ltd. was established, and the company moved to Yuhang High-tech Estate.

Shanghai Cnpair Biotech Co., Ltd. is transformed responsible for the international trade.

Launched anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) raw materials, leading the performance of similar products at home and abroad



Cnpair launched a talent strategy and recruited talents from all sides.

Sales performance has rapidly doubled, becoming a rising star in the domestic diagnostic raw materials market.

Sales of procalcitonin PCT antibody ranks in the forefront of the market and enters the German market.

The company attend to the CACLP in Xian, and a lot of new products have come out.



Cnpair has more than 50 cooperative customers and entered the international market.

In vitro release of tuberculosis interferon (TB-IGRA) become a hot spot product on the market.

Cnpair participated in the CACLP Xiamen Expo, which caused intense concern in the field.



Cnpair proposed a “five-year development strategy” to create a domestic first-class diagnostic raw material supplier.

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